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How to Write Novels

There is no sense of arguing that writing is indeed considered as a form of skill. But in a wider sense, the quality and reliability of any of your work mainly depends on your ability. If this is the case then you’ll come to know that skill and ability should work together to come up with a high quality and reliable book, or a novel so to speak.

Depending on the style and level of skills and abilities, anyone can develop both while he forge ahead writing a novel which he can call his own. The following are few effective guidelines that will help anyone when he aims to start writing his own book. Many would suggest that it would be of great help to enroll in a creative writing class. Well, maybe yes. But personally speaking, writing can be learned on your own and I personally learned writing the hard and tedious way.

Know the Best Writers

This is highly required as this will enhance your competency. Basically, learning who plays well in the writing arena is a good start for you to begin writing your book. Obviously, knowing the bestselling books will give you the idea what books to write.

Plan Your Story

Like in any other types of endeavors, planning is a very essential thing to consider. In book writing, you have to have a good plan for the novel’s start, middle part, and the end part. Take time to have the plan pinned on your wall so you will always have yourself guided at all times. Consider the characters and their profiles. Work with all these entities with a plot.


Show & Tell

A lot of writers today create a bulky part of the story by creating dialogues among the characters involved in the story. This method is called “showing”. Some writers write by using the narrative method. If you are starting your way write a book, it is best to use both. Take time to adhere to the writing rules, too.

Grammar & Punctuations

The use of correct grammar and correct punctuation marks is a very critical thing to consider when writing novels. However, if you find yourself to be weak on these parts then you should not worry much as your novel will be edited by the editor and have the wrong ones corrected. So if you think you are weak in grammar and punctuation usage, it is best to look for a professional grammarian or an editor to have your novels tweaked before submitting them for publication.

Lastly, you have to put on your mind that writing is freedom and you just have to do what your mind dictates you to do so. Always remember, as you write word by word, ideas should start popping out of your mind.