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Review of Ohio Confidential

Ohio Confidential also speaks of the murder cases in the state like the gruesome killings in the Kingsbury. The same thing also holds true with the so-called ‘Arsenic Anna’ which is known as a notorious serial killer, a black widow at that.

This book is some kind of a readable stuff and it is compulsive enough to make you feel affected by each of the portrayal. It is a great type of book which was written by a former police so you will have the details presented in a way you’re dealing with exact reality.

John Boertlein, the author has also showcased the multitudes of sins that are taking place in the state of Ohio. As a matter of fact, you will even know about the corruptions of Bob Taft, the governor of the state and Bob Ney, the state’s congressman.

About the Author
John Boertlein has more than twenty years of experience as a patrol officer and an investigator working at the police department of Cincinnati. He also worked as an instructor in OPOTA, and holds degrees in Communication Arts and Police Science. He’s now retired from his job and currently works as a writer.

Eralides Cabrera Books

If you are in search for an excellent and well-rounded novel writer then Eralides Cabrera proves to be one of them. He’s a writer filled with great passion in his heart and mind and this is where he gets his inspirations whenever he start writing fictions and novels for his anticipating followers.

The writing prowess of Eralides is something great since he often write in consonance to the real life drama taking place in our surroundings. This is the reason why many people loved Cabrera’s books simply because they can easily relate to them. As of the present, the lawyer-military-writer Cabrera has already published a total of eleven books, all of them proving to be great masterpieces from a multi-talented novel writer.

Eralides Cabrera Books